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Chubby Ebony camgirl bustyboobs89

Mar 15

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  • Ebony webcam show: Hey baby, looking for a chubby Eb0ny girl with big tits to suck on? Look no further, because I get turned on thinking of you entering my chatroom, and I want you to tell me how you are going to fuck me. You want a blowjob? Suck or fuck my big titties? Fuck me deep in my ass? I also like domination games and roleplay, live masterbation, and DP. I love webcam sex because for me it is the best way to express my feelings and get to know about other persons feelings.
  • Languages: English

Ebony anal webcam show with katiuscaxx

Jan 14

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  • Ebony webcam show: Hey guys, I am a chubby and horny girl with big tits for you, when I am online I am horny and wet, I love to play with big tits for you baby.  I do best anal fingering till I cum, put toy and beads in my tight asshole and pussy, a double penetration show on webcam!
  • Languages: English, Spanish

hot Ebony webcam girl GISELLEBINOCHE

Oct 7

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  • Ebony webcam show: I can squirt like the Niagra falls, anal show using hot wax, beads, butt plug, blowjob gag, hot strip tease cam, pole dance, dominant or submissive role playing and bondage play. Ilove to be spoiled and feel like a princess. Love guys that know a to treat me like a lady, a hot cam2cam sex show while getting feedback, tell me what to do for you, surprise me.
  • Languages: English

Cheap ebony camgirl NaturalyNude

Sep 9

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  • Ebony webcam show: I perform anal and double penetration, I love to finger my asshole with my long nails. I wear stocking and like adult roleplaying. Let me seduce you while I dance slowly and do a shower show.  I want to share my world of beauty with you, and show you hardcore porn webcam sex  as I make your dreams come true. I am NaturalyNude..
  • Languages: English

Slim Ebony teen webcam girl longlegs69

Jan 21

longlegs69A new review with a fresh Ebony teen webcam girl, or as they would probably call her in prison: Fresh Fish! Luckily we are not in prison and neither is longlegs69, because of course this Ebony webcam teen is far to pretty and sweet for such an ugly place. I am also not surprised longlegs69 already has a 4.0 stars rating, she is worth it!

longlegs69 is only 18 years old so she just started her webcam job, I always love new Ebony girls and can’t wait to visit them for the first time, take them for a a little test drive if you know what I mean. Especially when I laid eyes on longlegs69, I couldn’t wait to take her into private, I mean just look at her body. I remember thinking “this Ebony girl is really a positive addition to the CamContacts Ebony section”. Her tits are perfect and soft, her body slim and her ass round. Her face is pretty, so what do you want more. Oh yeah, she is 18 !!!


During private time with longlegs69, you will discover this girl is fun to hang out with, we certainly had our laughs! And when it comes to webcam sex, I can assure you longlegs69 already has lots of experience despite her young age. Have a naught fantasy? Tell her, don’t be shy because she will probably make it come true!

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Curvy Ebony webcam girl XXWettSecret

Jan 21

XXWettSecretAnd another really hot Ebony webcam girl at CamContacts, her name is XXWettSecret and I have the feeling I already know what her wet secret might be, I’ve seen it myself…and it is really wet for sure. XXWettSecret is one of the best Ebony webcam girls featured at CamContacts with her 4.5 stars rating, tip 😉

XXWettSecret is 23 years old and she has got beautiful black hair and a petty face underneath it. Her body is slim but also curvy because of her big tits and her Ebony booty, yes I think this Ebony cam hottie needs some oil all over her body…

I had a great time during my private session with XXWettSecret, she knows how to make you feel comfortable and doesn’t stall. I guess that’s why she is in the “instant action” category, but still XXWettSecret gave me a hot show and I couldn’t have ask for more, she gave it all! I will visit this Ebony webcam babe again, that’s for sure!

Kinky Ebony webcam girl NaturalyNude

Jan 14

NaturalyNudeThis week we would like you to meet NaturalyNude, a hot lap dancer we found at CamContacts, where she amazes all her viewers performing her hot striptease shows with kinky happy endings. The 4 star rating she has in her profile is more than deserved. Actually, after seeing her show, I feel like she deserve a even higher rating, but who am I, right?

NaturalyNude is 26 years old, and I guess this girl used to be some sort of professional striptease dancer or lap dancer in the past because she really knows how to move those hips. Don’t you get bored when a girl doesn’t know how to dance properly and sexy? Well, try NaturalyNude and that will be a problem of the past.  Her face is really pretty and with her killer body she certainly looks stunning while teasing you when her shows starts.

But is you think teasing and dancing is all what you can expect during a Ebony private show with NaturalyNude, you are so wrong. Her her striptease is just an appetizer compared with the rest of her show. Because once Ebony webcamgirl NaturalyNude stops dancing, her kinky side takes over and she might fuck herself using high heels, while she uses her spit as lubrication. Or what you think of a blowjob and hardcore double penetration action. That should get your blood pumping, and when you are ready to cum…ask her for a “facial” and she will wait for your cum with her mouth open….Really hot and a happy ending with a big H!

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Roleplay Ebony webcam girl Delishaas86

Nov 12

Delishaas86Meet Delishaas86, now this Ebony webcam girl has got it all: a pretty face, a gorgeous petite body, beautiful tits, a Black round ass and she loves to dirty games cam2cam. Obviously that makes her on of the best and most popular Ebony webcam girls featured on CamContacts, why else has Delishaas86 been rated with 4.5 stars by other members. Roleplaying is her specialty which she loges to do, and with a killer body like hers, who wouldn’t play along 😉

Delishaas86 is 22 years old, has got long black hair and a cute face. She is build like a supermodel, but in contrast with most skinny models, Delishaas86 still has a sexy round ass, fantastic body! If you have a webcam yourself, make sure you turn it on cause she loves to see you too. If you have any naughty fantasies, don’t hesitate to tell them! Delishaas86 loves roleplaying and she will make your naughty fantasy come true. Of course, if you don’t have any fantasies and just want webcam sex, watching this Ebony webcam babe naked playing with herself should do the trick also.


Hot and pretty Ebony webcam girls like Delishaas86 are hard to find, that’s a fact, finding hot petite Ebony webcam girls that will play along with your wishes and blow your mind during a private show is even harder. Don’t look further when Delishaas86 is online, this Ebony babe is a great choice!

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Dirty Slutty Ebony webcam girl AnalBitch007

Nov 5

AnalBitch007I would like you to meet AnalBitch007, a popular Ebony webcam girl from CamContacts. Her users have given her a 4.5 stars user rating, almost a perfect score! AnalBitch007 gives a variated show and uses among other things a huge 13 inch toy, I guess you get the picture and understand why she is popular. Let find out more…

Lola, that’s her screenname is 23 years old with long black hair. She often colors her hair so you could also run into her with red or blonde hair, which looks hot! She has got a bit of a chubby cuddly build and normal sized tits. Her ass is what I like most about AnalBitch007, the type of ass that shouts “bang me now!” especially when she uses baby oil on it to make that ghetto ass shiny…

During her private show you have several options, you can ask AnalBitch007 to use her whip and create a more kinky atmosphere, or you can choose to go with her huge toys and make her behave like your little Ebony slut, she loves to play along with that too! Keep on eye on her swollen pussy lips, they will grow thicker and thicker  during her show.

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Kinky Ebony teen webcam girl petitefoxy1

Oct 29

petitefoxy1Like petite Ebony girls? Do you like to play a little rough? Or maybe you are more a submissive type, well in either case Petitefoxy1 is the answer to what you have been looking for. This Ebony webcam girl loves to play kinky games, games that will make her pussy dripping wet!

Petitefoxy1 is 22 years old Afro-American webcam girl and she has got a hot slender body. Her tits are not certainly not huge, a B size actually and they suit her body great, cause she weights only 48 kg. We all know most Ebony webcam girls are more curvy and got the whole “ghetto booty” going on, so actually finding a slender Ebony camgirl like Petitefoxy1 felt refreshing!

During her private show it is up to you whether you want to take control of be controlled by Petitefoxy1. Role playing is her specialty and she loves to do it, so you don’t have to hold back. You should also ask her to play with her  “big toys”, seeing her huge toys going in and out her tight pussy certainly did the trick for me!

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